Dr. C.G. Vijay Kumar

Dean Of Vedavidya Faculty


Golwalkar Guruji Gurukulam Mauda Road, Ramtek -441106 Contact No:07114-255747

Contact No:9423600804


Waranga campus, teaching campus 5th floor NIT Complex, Near Morbhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur-440012

Email Id :vijaykumarcg@kksu.org

Faculty of Veda and vidya

Faculty of Vedavidya is one among five faculties in the Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University. The faculty is established to impart the knowledge of Vedic literature , Sanskrit Grammar and Linguistics and to promote researches in these fields.The faculty of Vedavidya is presently running with the Department of Veda and Vyakaran where these two prominent branches of Sanskrit studies are promoted . Vedas along with their various branches , Bramhanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, Pratishakhyas have been taught through the Dept. under the faculty of Vedavidya in traditional way. Paninian tradition of Grammar and linguistics are also taught with great sincerity.Faculty of Vedavidya goes on imparting Shastras by its scholarly faculty members through the years. Many alumni are teaching Veda and Sanskrit Grammar in various established Institutions in india. Shastri , Acharya , Mphil and Ph.D courses in Veda and Vyakaran have been offered in the Faculty. Faculty of Vedavidya has a mechanism of preparing and introducing new programs in the Dept.through Board of Studies. Board of Studies of Veda and Board of Studies of Vyakarana are two BoS come uder the faculty of Vedavidya which design new programs and revise the existing programs time to time are controlled by the faculty. Faculty members are very dynamic and use both traditional and modern way of teaching Shastras with their rich experience. Students are nurtured with Shastra concepts through Dhishana platform and Shastrarth Parishat which meet one of the prominent objectives to preserve Shastras for a longer period. Faculty of Vedavidya tries to establish a bridge between the University and Society by organising various useful programs for the society and public. Faculty of Vedavidya always has been a support system to maintain the ethics and objectives of the University.