Prof. Nanda Puri

Dean, Faculty of Sanskrit thatha Sanskritetar Bhasha.

Ramtek Office

Golwalkar Guruji Gurukulam Mauda Road, Ramtek -441106 Contact No:07114-255747

Contact No:9975511521

Nagpur Office

Waranga campus, teaching campus 5th floor NIT Complex, Near Morbhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur-440012

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Faculty of Sanskrit thatha Sanskritetar Bhasha.

The Department of Sanskrit BhashatathaSahitya has engaged in teaching and research pertaining to Sanskrit Language and Literature. It has well-experienced teaching faculty which undertakes research activities in their respective field of research as well as popularizes Sanskrit amongst masses through various program like Kalidas Din, Sanskrit Din, Natyotsav, Simple Sanskrit Speaking Classes. The motto of the Department is Sanskrit for All. The Department is carrying various research activities under the University with Potential for Excellence. The Department Of Sanskrit was established in 2000 with the vision of preservation and enrichment of Sanskrit language and literature by virtue of deep studies and research of the both Classical & Modern Sanskrit Literature. The department is privileged to have the blessings and good wishes of important and distinguished Scholars of various fields.

Sanskrit is the most ancient language of the world. Sharehouse of knowledge is an unsurpassed and the most invaluable treasure of the world. The vision represent the very insight and wisdom of the great poet Mahakavi Kalidas who quotes that “ Puranamityev na Sadhu Sarvam Na chapi Kavyam Navamityavadyam”