Prof. Madhusudan Penna

Dean Bharatiya Dharma, Tattvajnan tathaa Sanskruti Sankaya

Ramtek Office

Golwalkar Guruji Gurukulam Mauda Road, Ramtek -441106

Contact No:07114-255747

Nagpur Office

Waranga campus, teaching campus 5th floor NIT Complex, Near Morbhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur-440012

Contact No: 0712-2542932

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Faculty of Indian Religion, Philosophy & Culture

The Department of Bharatiya Darshan of Kavikulaguru Kalidas Sanskrit University, Ramtek was formed in 2000-01, with a clear vision and mission to give academic excellence to the field of Bhartiya Darshan. After its establishment , The Department itself started M.A. in Bhartiya Darshan in the University campus and M.A. & B.A in Yoga Shastra through its affiliated Institutions in the Year 2000. Initially B.A. in Yoga Shastra was started at Mumbai and Chandur Bazar Centers. The University received very good response to the courses from the stakeholders. In order to propagate the essence of various branches of Ancient Indic Shastras like Nyaya,Vedant,Yoga etc. the Dept. has designed various courses like M.A in Bharatiya Darshan, M.A in Yogic Science, P.G Diploma in Yogic Science, Prakshastri(12th), Shastri (B.A), Acharya(M.A), M.Phil & Ph.D in past years which has met the social demand also. Yoga students of the Dept. have gone to the society and trained hundreds of people for Yogasanas through the years which is recognized by the society. The course contents of all Diploma, U.G and P.G courses are designed carefully that , it covers all the branches of Bhartiya Darshan and YogaShastra . Course contents of these courses are prepared to explore the potentialities of Yoga along with the Modern development in the shastra. The focus on study of the original texts is given by the Department of Bhartiya Darshan