Prof. Lalita Chandratre

Dean of the Department

Ramtek Office

Golwalkar Guruji Gurukulam Mauda Road, Ramtek -441106 Contact No:07114-255747

Contact No:9923409510

Nagpur Office

Waranga campus, teaching campus 5th floor NIT Complex, Near Morbhavan, Sitabuldi, Nagpur-440012

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Faculty of Education and other branches for learning

The faculty of Education and other branches of learning has engaged in teaching and research in education. It has well experienced teaching faculty which undertakes research activities in their respective field of research. Departments provides an opportunity for professionals in the field of Education to undertake advanced coursework and research in their area of interest. The course offers professional Educators excellent career prospects in terms of advancement of knowledge and qualification and ultimately making them better learners. All programmes is designed to provide students with the highest quality education in preparation for career or advancement of careers in public, nonprofit, environmental, Management and healthcare organization. The faculty of education and other branches of learning has four board of studies: - 1) BOS for Education 2) BOS for Hospitality studies and travel and tourism 3) BOS for Library Science 4) BOS for Commers and Business Administration Faculty of Education and other branches of learning has undertaken various studies by which we are trying to spread awareness in society. This course has compulsory internship for betterment of students. This Department conducted various seminars on National Education policy 2019. we have studied the beneficially and crucial points of this courses. Due to the lacking of facilities in Ramtek for post-graduation and other courses we started different courses under the faculty of education and other branches of learning such as BBA, M. A. Public Administration, Commers, Hospitality studies, Library science and information. To the rural section of Ramtek campus we are trying to give best quality education to them from our college using above mention courses. Department also conducted five day's faculty development programme for the betterment of teachers. On National Level department conduct the National webinar on skill Management in civil services. Department organizes webinar on E-Learning challenges and opportunities. Department Started the Diploma in Childhood Care and Education for ruler women's. In every six months we organize the presentation program for the researcher students and also organizes the pre Ph. D. viva. Department have adopted two schools for the overall development and educational improvement of this schools Zilla parishad school Mansar and Zilla parishad school Pindkapar. We have provided them a fund of five lack rupees and teaching facilities also.