International Relations & Collaborations

Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University embraces a unique tradition of access and opportunity derived from its vision for research focus on ‘Tradition for Innovation.’ KKSU aspires to offer Sanskrit learning opportunities (in teaching-learning, research and service) and collaboration exposures to Sanskrit scholars around the globe.

These opportunities lead the University and its constituent bodies in forging partnership and collaborations with foreign institutions in matter relating to academic knowledge exchanges, such as signing memoranda of understanding to facilitate faculty and student. KKSU envisage to partner Foreign Universities to promote advances in pedagogy and teaching –learning through Sanskrit Vision. Our foreign collaborations aims at harmonizing the efforts towards developing an empathetic culture to encourage Sanskrit learning reforms and fostering ethos of Sanskrit Knowledge to encourage effectiveness in teaching and learning, research and innovation through internationalization. The purpose of foreign collaborations is to create a cluster of qualitative indicators for recognizing achievement targets with foreign universities to monitor and sustain progress about the quality of management process and practice of our university.

In the age of globalization, KKSU has set up to make its presence felt globally through our International relations and collaboration and opening new avenues of association for Sanskrit scholars across the globe.

The objectives of the international collaborations are to be global, socially conscious essence of excellence in the conversation, creation, advancement dissemination of treasure of Sanskrit knowledge which invigorated to take up challenges of enormous change taking place all around the globe.

Sanskrit, being matchless in its literary wealth, has one of the most extensive treasure of literatures of all languages. KKSU aspires to be a bridge between western and eastern world in order to propagate the treasure of vast epic, profound scripture, subtle philosophy, voluminous mythology, exquisite poetry and much else.