Examination Section

Power and Duties

The Controller of Examination shall be the principal officer-in-charge of the conduct of examinations and tests of the university and declaration of their results. He shall discharge his functions under the superintendence, direction and guidance of the Pariksha Mandal.

The Controller of Examination shall be the Sadasya-sachiva (Member Secretary) of the Pariksha Mandala (Board of Examinations) and of the committees appointed by the board except the committees constituted under section 30(5)(a) for appointment of paper-setters, examiners and moderators. He shall be responsible for prompt and proper implementation of their decisions.

The Controller of Examination shall be responsible for making all arrangements necessary for holding examinations and tests and declaration of results. It shall be his responsibility,-

The Controller of Examination shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed or assigned to him, from time to time, by the Pariksha Mandala.

Duties of staff– All the exam related activities done by section. Like Pre Exam, Post Exam, Ph.D. Cell etc.

Dr.Jaywant Chaudhari

Controller of Examination


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